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Me.reka is an open-source education platform that advocates for learning outside the traditional classroom paired with unconventional fun! At Me.reka, anyone can come together to share ideas, pick up new skills, and make things.

Whether you’re an educator or a student for life, there’s something for everyone.

Parents & Kids

Fun for the whole family (or just the kids!) where learning is serious play. Send over the young 'uns for one-off sessions or sign up for ongoing classes!
Our Creative Workshops

The DIY Crowd

Get handsy with your imagination in a safe space, or for the handyman working on a home project looking for a little boost.
Our Memberships

Makers & Innovators


Only for the pros: seek out like-minded and like-handed folks, or run a workshop to hand down your knowledge.
Our Creative Workshops


All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people. Move your team from the work desk to the work bench!
Corporate Engagements


Classroom field trip on steroids: a day out will never be the same again! Learn while sitting, standing, or running - our world is your oyster.
The Explorer Programme

Serious Students

Scratch that mental itch - if you've always thought about doing it, you should do it with us. Deep dive, long-term courses for the hardcore only.
Our Courses

What's Happening at Me.reka?

DIY Spin Art Workshop

Seen those videos of people pouring paint onto a spinning canvas and want to try it yourself? Now you can, at Me.reka! Create your own version of this experimental and creative artwork called spin art – and have fun with friends and our staff while you’re at it!

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String Art (Thaipusam Style)

A beautiful hands-on experience with string. Start by deciding on the design and nail it down. After that the fun begins, you get to wind the string over and over again to form the desired pattern. In conjunction with Thaipusam, the theme of the string art will be in relation with it.

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Sand Pendulum Experience

Sand art is really popular, but have you tried making art with a sand pendulum? Join us this this Thaipusam for an interactive experience to create amazing geometrical patterns with sand, and make your mark on our giant sand art installation!

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Augmented Reality Session with Dr Mohamed

Dr Mohamed shares his knowledge and experience of the various applications of Augmented Reality (AR), a fast growing technology that supplements real-life scenery by superimposing virtual objects into the scene in real time. Its amazing effects in augmenting the reality can be described as almost magical. With the ability to superimpose virtual objects in real

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DIY Virtual Reality Glasses – Google Cardboard

Wish to have an on-the-go Virtual Reality experience? Join our workshop to make your own virtual reality set: the Google Cardboard VR glasses! These glasses enable you to experience Virtual Reality anywhere, anytime at your convenience – you only need to have a smartphone with a decent screen size and connection to the internet!

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Mechanical Engineering for Kids

Explore the field of mechanical engineering and discover how engineers invent, design, and build all kinds of machines – from simple bike locks to complex jumbo jet engines! Design and produce your own projects too – guaranteed to produce many giggles and grins! Opt for one session (RM70), 4 sessions (RM250), or 8 sessions (RM440). 

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